Roncesvalles Reconstruction Likely Delayed Until 2009

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City staff has warned the BIA that the major reconstruction of Roncesvalles, still officially planned for 2008, will most likely be delayed until 2009. This is because a reconstruction of this scale will probably require an Environmental Assessment, and also because the project has become more complex with new features being added, such as curb extensions, rebuilt sidewalks, additional trees and others. The added complexity will require more time for the redesign process.

Although 2008 remains the official construction date, the BIA wants to alert businesses preparing their orders for 2008 that next spring and summer will probably be business as usual, and that 2009 will be the year of disruptions. The BIA will post an announcement when and if the delay becomes official. But for now, businesses can heed Councillor Gord Perks‘ advice: “I would bet on 2009.”

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