Roncesvalles Village Honoured By Visit From First Lady of Poland

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Roncesvalles Village was honoured today by a visit from Maria Kaczyńska, First Lady of the Republic of Poland. The First Lady visited Copernicus Lodge this afternoon. RVBIA Chair Tony Cauch and Vice-Chair Andrew Chomentowski were guests at a gala dinner this evening in honour of the First Lady at the John Paul II Centre.ipp_0696.jpg

Above: Tracy Kamino (left, Executive Director, Copernicus Lodge) presents Chleb i sól (bread and salt, a traditional Polish gift of greeting) to Maria Kaczyńska, the First Lady of Poland (right), on her visit to Copernicus Lodge and Roncesvalles Village. They are introduced by Jesse Flis (centre, President of Copernicus Lodge). Right of the First Lady are: Władysław Lizoń, President of the Canadian Polish Congress and Piotr Ogrodziński, Ambassador of the Republic of Poland to Canada.

Below: Dignitaries await the arrival of the First Lady of Poland at Copernicus Lodge.


Photos: Andrew Chomentowski (Image Professional Photography), President of the Copernicus Lodge Foundation.

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