RVBIA Launches New Polish Festival Website

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We are pleased to announce the launch of the new 2008 Roncesvalles Polish Festival website at www.polishfestival.ca. It contains everything you need to know about our upcoming festival this September 13th and 14th.

Check it out!

7 Comments on “RVBIA Launches New Polish Festival Website”

  1. Thank you for the reply email…… I wish the BIA every success with this year’s festival… but I will not be a vendor this year…. I have been invited and have accepted two other art show events!


  2. I have another couple of questions…..

    Why the heavy handed editing and deleting of posts and comments in this blog?

    I live here, AND I use my name. I know Tony and Manny and others on the BIA and they know me and were I live, so why are my previous posts not still shown? Can’t take the bad with the good, or the good with the bad? The truth often hurts, but the truth is changes need to be made to the Roncesvalles area and to the Festival. A more inclusive and representational atmosphere needs to be addressed. I’m not saying eliminate the Polish, by no means, but at least recognize that this area has always been and still does have very large old roots of many other nationalities!

    As for the mister “Ron C Valles”, if you can’t stand up and face the world with your true self, please change yourself first, before anything else!


  3. Well Liz if it suits you better to have my name there it is.

    As a Life Long ( over 40 years ) resident it has always baffled me as to why we celebrate the polish community that no longer represents the culture of this ward.

    In fact the largest demographic according to Stats Canada is Portuguese…

    SO should we have a Portuguese festival?

    Why not simply have the Roncevalles village Fall Fair…

    Simple Question Liz but as usual the Polish Dominated BIA will not reply!

  4. Hello to all.

    Well, it looks as though it’s up to the 25% Polish, 25% Ukrainian, 50% Irish…oh hell, let’s just say that I’m the 100% CANADIAN Chair of the Roncesvalles Village BIA, er.. to respond.

    Let’s face it, we are all aware that our neighbourhood is much more diverse than it once was. The neat thing is, simply put,that there are many funky and eclectic neighbourhoods in Toronto-ours is not the only one.

    By honouring our Polish history and institutions, we certainly don’t wish to offend, but rather celebrate an unique part of our shared history. No other neighbourhood, in Toronto, can lay claim to “Polishness”- even if we are only doing this for one weekend per year.

    Tolerance is good for all of us.

    My goodness, let’s have some fun together!


    Tony Cauch


    Roncesvalles Village B.I.A.

  5. Good morning Tony,

    Whatever percentage of whatever you are, thank you for the response! (Your pretty funky and eclectic yourself, there tall one!)

    Since my first posts have been deleted/edited, to re-cap, my previous concerns had been the dismal festival last year, and my posting here was to raise the issue and help make this year’s festival safer and better, cleaner and more appropriate for young families. (Keith emailed me a personal reply, for that I thank him!)

    Our shy friend above, Mr. Ron C Valles, MRC, raises his own issues!

    As I’ve stated, I have no major complaint about the Polish influence in the festival. I understand how much work and time and money are invested in putting on such an event. I thank the BIA, the Credit Union, the church and all the Polish groups for their wonderful spirit and hard work. I also appreciate the cultural, populous draw that identifying the festival as “Polish” brings to the event. As a vendor I welcome anything that brings more advertisement and people to the event; the more the merrier!!!


    Using your own words Tony, “our neighbourhood is much more DIVERSE than it once was,” “we certainly don’t wish to offend, but rather celebrate an unique part of OUR SHARED HISTORY,” “let’s have some fun TOGETHER”!!


    That diverseness, that shared history, and our togetherness are not being incorporated, recognized or shared in the festival. Exclusion, is what makes for dissent!

    Call the festival what you like, but incorporate, recognize, and show the diverse, shared history and togetherness of the area.

    I am in fact sorry to not be able to take part in this years festival, I hope to be back next year. I’m always willing to help in whatever way I can!

    Wishing the festival all success and hope the rain stays away!


  6. Congratulations to the Roncesvalles BIA and the Polish community for this year’s festival. It was, even with the rain on Saturday, a fun event and a very good turn-out on Sunday. ( I guess your hands to the sky request to the rain Gods, Tony, worked!! )

    The addition of washroom facilities was a great help (more and better servicing would also help).

    The addition of more visual security was also very much better and welcomed.

    The skateboarding and children’s area looked to be enjoyed, and the many, many food vendors well enjoyed also.

    The inclusion of our local St. Joseph Hospital, local Car Share, and Review Theater, and the many other local businesses and services represented, is a good step to bringing in more of the local community.

    As an offering to help improve and build the festival, why not, since this area is packed with children and dogs, include a beautiful baby contest, arrange a children’s parade through the many daycare facilities in the area; have a dress-up dog show and parade; ask other local church groups and cultural groups to add whatever they can to the event. (On a completely personal level, include more arts and crafts in your vendors!!)

    But, again congratulations and as you said Tony, “Tolerance is good for all of us.

    My goodness, let’s have some fun together!” I think that happened!


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