Signs of Uniqueness Seen Hanging Along Roncesvalles

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Hanging signs along Roncesvalles

Photo: Piotr Bazlerz

Hanging Signs create a unique sense of place along Roncesvalles


Recent efforts to save the Sam the Record Man sign have reminded us of the place-making powers of signage. A few weeks ago, NOW Magazine highlighted 18 other unique signs that serve as minor landmarks in their neighbourhoods. On Roncesvalles, we too have our share of interesting signage.

In its 2003 streetscape strategy, the architecture firm Brook McIlroy noted the unusually high number of hanging signs protruding over the sidewalk. Such signs have been discouraged on other main streets, perhaps in order to maintain a fastidiously tidy and uniform image. But on Roncesvalles they have been preserved, providing a charming characteristic that exists on few other streets.

The study authors write:

“This unique character should be protected and promoted. Businesses should be encouraged to hang signs over their storefronts to announce themselves. “

Next time you’re walking along our street, take a look up at the colorful rhythm of hanging signs!

3 Comments on “Signs of Uniqueness Seen Hanging Along Roncesvalles”

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