Streetscape Strategy Available for Download

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A Vision for Roncesvalles Village

In 2003, the BIA commissioned the architecture firm of Brook McIlroy to create a streetscape strategy that would assist us in navigating the changes facing our street. This plan was developed in consultation with businesses, residents and other stakeholders in our community. It is not a final vision, but represents the beginning of a dialogue between our community and the City.

The plan is available for download. This large PDF file has been broken up into smaller sections for easier downloading.

  • Section One: Cover, Table of Contents, Introduction (500 KB) download
  • Section Two: Key Recommendations, Existing Conditions (2 MB) download
  • Section Three: Streetscape Strategy (4 MB) download
  • Section Four: Implementation Strategy (1.5 MB) download
  • Section Five: Concept Streetscape Plan Map (800 KB) download

The entire 10 MB document can be downloaded here.

One Comment on “Streetscape Strategy Available for Download”

  1. Changing the “streetscape” of Roncesvalles in the above mentioned way certainly would be a pleasant lift to an already visually wonderful and culturally rich area. It is a shame that more store owners and owners of the above store units don’t consider a bit of

    of fresh paint and some new windows. It certainly would aid in the esthetic look of the area.

    Bravo for such an innovative idea! It’s evident the group works very hard and I applaud their enery. Keep up the great work.

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