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The strike by 24,000 City workers has resulted in greatly reduced services and the cancellation of an important Roncesvalles community meeting scheduled for June 27.

Councillor Gord Perks has posted the City’s contingency plan to assist Torontonians. In the meantime, residents are advised that there will be “zero tolerance” for illegal garbage dumping, and at the same time requests that residents obey picketers blocking the transfer stations where residents have been advised to drop off their trash. The City has more details on service disruptions and contingencies here, and says people can email for more information.

Doug Bennet from the Wabash Building Society asks that dog owners please carry their scooped poop back home to flush down the toilet. No fun, but it will be less fun if this stuff piles up in uncollected trash bins. This may also be the right time to make use of a backyard composter (fruit & vegetable scraps, alternated with dry leaves and grass — no meat or bones).

If you have any opinions about the strike, you can write to:

Ward 14 Councillor Gord Perks

Mayor David Miller

CUPE Local 416 (outside workers) president Mark Ferguson

CUPE Local 79 (inside workers) president Ann Dembinski

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