Taking Out The Trash

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The garbage strike, now in its fourth week, has been hard on our businesses and on our street. Our businesses have made great efforts to keep Roncesvalles tidy. I’ve seen people tidying up in front of their stores, and tidying up around the trash bins on Roncesvalles. Your efforts are deeply appreciated!

The RVBIA has also made efforts to help, cleaning up the street and providing disposal bins for businesses to use.

sspx0286.jpgYesterday we had many helping hands from a crew of volunteers from the Keele Correctional Centre. They working incredibly hard, cleaning the street an emptying almost every trash bin on Roncesvalles. I told the men that they would be the heroes of Roncesvalles, and everywhere we went, people applauded and thanked them for their hard hard work.

So on behalf of the RVBIA and our neighbours, a great big thanks to the men of the Keele Correctional Centre for helping us keep Roncesvalles clean.

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