Tree Replanting on Roncesvalles!

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The RVBIA is very happy to share that the City of Toronto, via Urban Forestry will be replanting 16 trees along Roncesvalles Avenue in the month of June.

13 of these locations are guard/grates and 3 are in RVBIA garden beds.  All locations for the replanting of trees have been selected and flagged by Urban Forestry and the RVBIA has followed that direction.

It was communicated to us that in order to prepare for the new trees, the BIA would be required to execute some work in advance of the tree planting.  This work will be observable on the sidewalks around the affected areas on Roncesvalles.  Our contractors will be proactively taking steps to reduce the impact to pedestrians and the community.  Our thanks in advance for your understanding and patience.

Between May 31-Jun 9, you may notice some of the following ongoing work:

  • Our landscaping contractor will be relocating some plants in the 3 affected garden beds.
  • The City will be placing mulch adjacent to the affected locations on Roncesvalles
  • Guard and Grate removal will be taking place beginning on Monday, June 3 at 730am and is expected to take 2-5 days.

TREE GUARDS & GRATES: In order to accommodate the replanting of trees in the 13 guard and grate locations, the City of Toronto, Urban Forestry dept. requires the Roncesvalles Village BIA (RVBIA) to remove these assets in advance of planting. Removal of the guard/grates is scheduled to begin Monday, June 3 at 7:30AM Please do not leave any items affixed to the locations listed below. Any items found to be left locked or placed by these grates after June 2nd will be removed and discarded. Guard/Grate Removal.

Guard & Grate Removal Locations:
101 Roncesvalles Ave
113 Roncesvalles Ave
121 Roncesvalles Ave
151 Roncesvalles Ave
157 Roncesvalles Ave
163 Roncesvalles Ave
171 Roncesvalles Ave
195 Roncesvalles Ave
197 Roncesvalles Ave
203 Roncesvalles Ave
227 Roncesvalles Ave
279 Roncesvalles Ave
287 Roncesvalles Ave

GARDEN BEDS: In coordination with our landscaping contractor, we have delayed the 2024 planting schedule of our pre-ordered additional perennial pollinators, small shrubs and evergreens to be planted in the garden beds this year due to Urban Forestry’s replanting schedule.  As directed by Urban Forestry, you may see our landscaping crew at work relocating all plant material within a 1 meter radius of the marked location for replanting of the new trees in the following 3 garden beds:

83 Roncesvalles Ave
145 Roncesvalles Ave
305 Roncesvalles Ave

Urban Forestry has not yet shared a firm date of the replanting of the 16 trees.