Pollinator Corridor Along Roncesvalles

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Monarch butterfly on white flowering plant.

Local Pollinator Garden Campaign The 23 gardens along Roncesvalles  form a significant part of the Pollinator Corridor of Roncesvalles Village. Now plans are in the works to create additional pollinator corridors from east to west to High Park from the Charles G. Williams Park along Wright, Westminster, and High Park Boulevard, and from the Dundas Roncesvalles Peace Garden, along Boustead … Read More

Who tends the street gardens along Roncy?

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Street garden plants with shop in background.

It’s an awesome collaboration. The Roncesvalles Village BIA (RVBIA) owns the 23 street gardens along Roncesvalles Avenue.  21 of these gardens were installed during the reconstruction of Roncesvalles completed in 2011. These were a significant part of the beautification desired by the community, which also included plans for a tree canopy, benches and wider sidewalks. The intent was to create … Read More

Dundas Roncesvalles Peace Garden Celebrates International Downtown Award

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On Friday, May 17th, the Roncesvalles Village BIA and the Friends of Dundas Roncesvalles Peace Garden celebrated an Award of Excellence for Public Space Improvements received from the International Downtown Association (IDA) for the Dundas Roncesvalles Peace  Garden (DRPG). This Award is particularly significant because the IDA values collaboration. In its realization, this project galvanized the support of many community … Read More

Roncy Reduces

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Roncy Reduces is a community waste reduction initiative in the Roncesvalles area that was launched by 20 local parents at the beginning of this year. Their goal is to reduce single-use plastics and packaging in our neighbourhood by encouraging both consumers and businesses to practice waste reduction together. They have invited neighbourhood businesses to participate by displaying their Roncy Reduces/BYO sticker … Read More

Meet Carol Holland

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RoncyWorks Green Team Profiles Carol Holland has been gardening with RoncyWorks for 5 years. She maintains three gardens located at 465, 392 and 319 Roncesvalles. In addition, Carol regularly monitors the gardens on the street, tending to them as she goes along. She is quick to help other gardeners who need advice or an extra hand. The RoncyWorks team refer … Read More

Meet Jackie Taschereau

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RoncyWorks Green Team Profiles Jackie Taschereau has been volunteering with RoncyWorks since 2011. She maintains the gardens at 233 and 223 Roncesvalles. Jackie often refers to her involvement with RoncyWorks as gardening in the “Public Realm” and for good reason. There are many lessons she’s learnt from maintaining a sidewalk garden, including how the physical design of the bed impacts … Read More

Meet Ann and Rahel

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RoncyWorks Green Team Profiles As part of Garden Days 2018, the Roncesvalles Village BIA is showcasing the dedicated community members who maintain our sidewalk gardens and beautify our vibrant street.  Ann Crichton-Harris and Rahel Schneeberger-Brown maintain the Garden at 482 Roncesvalles. Ann also cares for the garden across the street at 465 Roncesvalles. A long-time resident of Roncesvalles, Ann has … Read More