Roncesvalles Now Open To Two-Way Traffic! Buses start two-way on Monday

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After nine months of construction, the TTC has announced that two-way bus service will return to Roncesvalles on Monday, April 26 at 5 am. The buses will leave Dundas West station and travel south to the Sunnyside loop, where passengers may board the streetcar and continue along King. The westbound 504 King streetcar will continue to turn back east at the TTC’s Roncesvalles yard, requiring passengers travelling to the subway to transfer to the bus at Queen/Roncesvalles.

With the end of water main/sewer replacement, construction will now pause along Roncesvalles for a few months. Likely in June, the long-awaited streetscape improvement project will finally begin. Streetcar tracks will be replaced, along with most of the sidewalk. New streetscape improvements will include new trees planted at grade in healthy growing conditions, accessible streetcar stops, the leveling of the Roncesvalles “two-step,” shorter crosswalks, and new public spaces. The construction is scheduled to be completed by November. Since this is all surface work, it is expected, or at least hoped, that construction will proceed without the unplanned delays that occurred with the less-predictable sewer replacement work.

Meanwhile, parking meters have been removed from Roncesvalles until the  end of construction. As a result, there now is free three-hour parking in any legal space along Roncesvalles. Please note that you will still get a ticket if you park in a no-parking zone.

A reminder to those who have become used to traffic only travelling north on Roncesvalles: look BOTH WAYS before crossing the street!

5 Comments on “Roncesvalles Now Open To Two-Way Traffic! Buses start two-way on Monday”

  1. I hope that in June, along w. the streetscape improvement project, the roadway will be repaved. After being held in grips of construction mayhem for 9 mos, residents & people supporting the area deserve a nice smooth roadway, not the bumpy, pot-holed, teeth grinding ride that it is now. For shame they left it in this state.

  2. Hi Agnes:

    The track reconstruction is expected to be finished sometime in September. At that point the centre lanes will be very driveable. The curb lanes will be resurfaced in late 2010, and then we’ll have a lovely smooth Roncesvalles. I appreciate your frustrations: I bike on Roncesvalles almost every day, and it’s definitely a bumpy ride!

  3. The roadway has to settle. Just like driveways in new houses are not paved right-away. Also, they need to check on the condition of the new underground sewers and pipes. Don’t want to re-dig it up again because of leaks or cracks. Better to catch them before final construction.

  4. Yes, I was hoping that there would be more updates about the construction as it is the biggest thing that is happening to our community.

    I think the lack of information is super annoying. You can’t even find anything regarding the streetcar track replacement on the TTC website.

    What gives? Give us more information, please and thank you.

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