West Toronto Railpath phase one completed. And phase two?

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West Toronto Railpath by Bikingtoronto

Photo: Bikingtoronto.com

The newly-completed first phase of the West Toronto Railpath offers a tantalizing glimpse of what could become a critical artery for west end cyclists.  If completed, the path would provide a safe, fast route from the Junction through Roncesvalles and Parkdale, finshing near Strachan and King.

While the path does link with the Go train station near Bloor, the path still lacks the vital connections to other paths and transportation hubs that are needed for the path to reach its full potential. At the moment, those cyclists who happen to notice the southern entrance to the path at the Dundas bridge at Sterling, are offered only a route from not-quite-Roncesvalles to not-quite-the-Junction. The path’s true success depends on the completion of its second, southern phase.

The second phase of the path still requires an agreement with Metrolinx, which controls the rail corridor.

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