Construction? Festival!

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Roncesvalles is under construction, and we are working hard to earn your business.

The RVBIA encourages our neighbours to continue to support business on Roncesvalles through this challenging time. Put your money where your house is—shop locally!

GREAT NEWS! Everything is a go for the 2009 RONCESVALLES POLISH FESTIVAL, SEPTEMBER 19 AND 20, 2009. Read all about it here!

One Comment on “Construction? Festival!”

  1. Re: Polish Festival and Construction

    Kudos to Keith Denning and all the other Roncesvalles Village Team that put in the effort to make this year’s Festival such a success!! If you stop to think that there were hundreds of vendors, volunteers, entertainers, etc. that had to be organized and managed then you realize how monumental the task was.

    We should not forget to send a thank you note to the City and to Varcon Construction. They were able to transform Roncesvalles into a Festival venue when just a day before it was a serious construction site. In my opinion, they have done a commendable job.

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