First photos from Polish Festival

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2009 Roncesvalles Polish Festival, photographed by Kevin Gonsalves

Photo: Kevin Gonsalves

Toronto photographer Kevin Gonsalves captured some great images from this weekend’s Polish Festival. The photos were uploaded as part of his Project 60, a series depicting 60 themes each with 60 photos shot within 60 minutes over 60 days. The photos can be viewed as a Flickr slideshow here.

While the BIA is still crunching the attendance figures, the unofficial word is that the numbers this year are off the charts, no doubt helped by the weekend’s spectacular weather. The festival was a celebration of all things Polish and all things Roncesvalles, and featured more than a few “only-on-Roncesvalles” innovations! Spotted among the more traditional fare: pierogi pizza and pierogi poutine!