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Roncesvalles Now Open To Two-Way Traffic! Buses start two-way on Monday

After nine months of construction, the TTC has announced that two-way bus service will return to Roncesvalles on Monday, April 26 at 5 am. The buses will leave Dundas West station and travel south to the Sunnyside loop, where passengers may board the streetcar and continue along King. The westbound 504 King streetcar will continue to turn back east at the TTC’s Roncesvalles yard, requiring passengers travelling to the subway to transfer to the bus at Queen/Roncesvalles.

With the end of water main/sewer replacement, construction will now pause along Roncesvalles for a few months. Likely in June, the long-awaited streetscape improvement project will finally begin. Streetcar tracks will be replaced, along with most of the sidewalk. New streetscape improvements will include new trees planted at grade in healthy growing conditions, accessible streetcar stops, the leveling of the Roncesvalles “two-step,” shorter crosswalks, and new public spaces. The construction is scheduled to be completed by November. Since this is all surface work, it is expected, or at least hoped, that construction will proceed without the unplanned delays that occurred with the less-predictable sewer replacement work.

Meanwhile, parking meters have been removed from Roncesvalles until the  end of construction. As a result, there now is free three-hour parking in any legal space along Roncesvalles. Please note that you will still get a ticket if you park in a no-parking zone.

A reminder to those who have become used to traffic only travelling north on Roncesvalles: look BOTH WAYS before crossing the street!

Free Parking On Roncesvalles

freeparking.jpgFrom now until November 2010, there will be up to three hours of free parking in any legal parking spot on Roncesvalles Avenue.

Please note that free parking is not a free-for-all. Illegal parking in no-parking zones will still get you a ticket.

But for our law-abiding neighbours, come on down and enjoy everything that Roncesvalles Village has to offer, and park for free!

Update On Claims Process For Members

This update is from the office of Councillor Perks:

–  Property owners who wanted to claim for loss or damage resulting from the sewer and watermain construction were provided with information on the process to submit their claims to the City Clerk’s Office.

–  Several property owners then received notification from the City’s insurance adjuster, McLarens Canada, stating that the City was not liable for the loss or damage, and that the property owners should contact the contractors or their insurance companies directly.

At this stage, property owners (or their insurance companies) are asked to adhere to the process, and to contact the contractors or their insurance companies, as per McLarens’ notifications.

However, should the property owners not receive a response from the contractors or their insurance companies in a timely manner, the property owners can contact:

Sandra Cramb

McLarens Canada (City’s Insurance Adjusters)


It should be noted that Ms. Cramb’s role is to encourage the contractors and their insurance companies to address the claims within a reasonable time frame; Ms. Cramb’s involvement does not guarantee that the contractors or their insurance companies will compensate the property owners for the amounts claimed.

Private Side Water Replacement Update

From the office of Councillor Gord Perks:

Water service replacement on the private side:

The City of Toronto confirms that substandard (defined as being non-copper or less than 19 mm) water services were replaced to property line on Roncesvalles Avenue.  Some of the services included in the installation of curb stops.  Curb stops do not necessarily denote the extent of the new service.  Curb stops in front of many businesses were installed an adequate distance away from the building face to allow for easy access during future maintenance operations.  Where a curb stop was installed short of the property line, a short piece of new pipe was installed from the curb stop to connect to the existing water service at property line.

At the contractor’s discretion some upgrades were made on the private side.  However, property owners are under no obligation to replace their water services on the private side.  Property owners who did not get their private side services replaced by the City contractors during the recent watermain replacement project on Roncesvalles Avenue, but who still wish to do so, are encouraged to undertake the work prior to the start of the road reconfiguration and track reconstruction project in June 2010.

Since private side water service replacements will include excavation on the City side, owners must apply to the City for a Cut Permit.  A copy of the Permit can be obtained through the following link:

Private contractors can be found in the yellow pages under headings such as “drainage contractors” or “plumbing contractors”.

If the work is done prior to June 2010, the property owner will be responsible for temporarily restoring the cut until such time that the cut can be permanently restored as part of the upcoming surface works contract.

Please be advised that once new sidewalks and roads are constructed, they are placed under a 5-year moratorium.  As such, private-side water service work that involves cutting into the new road or sidewalk will not be permitted once the surface works is complete on Roncesvalles Avenue.

An exception will be made if a property owner takes a water sample and the water is found to contain lead limits above the Ministry of Environment’s maximum acceptable limit of 10 ppb (parts per billion).

Information on how a property owner can have lead testing conducted can be found via the following link:

Additional information regarding lead in drinking water can be found on the following City web pages:

However, if an exemption is made to the 5-year moratorium and a property owner is allowed to cut the sidewalk / road in order to replace his private-side water service, the property owner will be responsible for the following:

*  The temporary restoration of the cut sidewalk or road, until such time that Transportation Services can undertake the permanent restoration.  Transportation Services may wait for a complete freeze / thaw cycle before permanently restoring the cut, which could be up to a year from the time of the initial cut.  During this time, the property owner must ensure that the temporary restoration is safe for use, i.e. no trip hazards, no excessive settlement, etc.

*  The cost of the permanent restoration will be charged back to the property owner.  To properly match back to the existing road or sidewalk, permanent restoration limits may extend beyond the edges of the cut.  For example, restoring a 1-metre cut in the sidewalk may involve the replacement of 2 – 3 bays of sidewalk, from expansion joint to expansion joint.  The cost to permanently restore a cut may be in the range of $1,000 to $3,000, depending on the extent of the work.

As stated above, it is the property owners’ decision as to whether they want to replace their water services on the private side.  Again, property owners on Roncesvalles Avenue who wish to do so are encouraged to undertake the replacement prior to the City starting the track reconstruction and road reconfiguration in June 2010.

Mystery Sign Maker Strikes Again!

mtroncy.jpgThis past week a number of new signs appeared on construction fencing and gravel piles on Roncesvalles, much to our delight!

Clearly this is the work of the same mystery messenger who festooned the neighbourhood with the “So Sucky!” signs that Torontoist reported on a while back.

We really liked the “Mt. Roncy” and “♥ Roncy” signs. A good sense of humour helps us get through all of this. (That’s RVBIA chair Tony Cauch and Business Continuity Committee chair Len McAuley flanking the ♥ Roncy sign.)


If you “heart” Roncy like we do, please continue to support your favourite Roncesvalles businesses while the construction wraps up. Roncesvalles is now completely open from Queen up to Geoffrey, with lots of parking and two-way traffic. Completion of the current round of construction is expected in mid-March.