Private Side Water Replacement Update

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From the office of Councillor Gord Perks: Water service replacement on the private side: The City of Toronto confirms that substandard (defined as being non-copper or less than 19 mm) water services were replaced to property line on Roncesvalles Avenue.  Some of the services included in the installation of curb stops.  Curb stops do not necessarily denote the extent of … Read More

Mystery Sign Maker Strikes Again!

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This past week a number of new signs appeared on construction fencing and gravel piles on Roncesvalles, much to our delight! Clearly this is the work of the same mystery messenger who festooned the neighbourhood with the “So Sucky!” signs that Torontoist reported on a while back. We really liked the “Mt. Roncy” and “♥ Roncy” signs. A good sense … Read More

Disappearing Trees At Roncesvalles and Fermanagh

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Last week we noticed that two large trees at 150 Fermanagh Avenue (at Roncesvalles) had been cut down. The BIA asked what happened to those trees, and here is what we learned from the City: The trees were on private property, and the owner requested permission from the city to remove the trees. One was apparently unhealthy, and the other … Read More

Can lessons from the St. Clair streetcar project be applied here?

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The TTC has just published “Getting it Right: Lessons from the St. Clair Streetcar for the Implementation of Transit City,” written by Les Kelman and Richard Soberman. The report details the missteps that led to delays and cost overruns with the St. Clair transit project. The Globe and Mail sums up the report’s conclusions nicely: “The price tag of the … Read More

How can we best manage disruption in 2010?

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Photo: BlogTO Recently, BlogTO posted an article on how Roncesvalles businesses are struggling during the reconstruction, a reminder of the importance of supporting local businesses during the holiday season. The BIA urges all Roncesvalles residents, please, to brave the occasional dust blast (and chilly breeze), and drop by your local shops, services and restaurants. We need you now more than … Read More

Loons Reopens!

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As many of you know, a number of our members’ basements were flooded in late October. Loons Pub and Restaurant (416 Roncesvalles) was particularly hard hit, and has been closed for several weeks. We’re pleased to announce that they’re reopening tonight. Drop by for a pint and some good times!

Stay awesome, Roncesvalles!

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More than a month after heavy machinery rolled onto Roncesvalles, our community seems to be taking the disruption in stride. While plenty of grumbles are heard in local coffee shops, the fact that these grumblings are actually taking place in the coffee shops suggests that the noise and rubble (and the occasional mental image of a giant fireball of death) are not … Read More

Gord Perks on gas pipe rupture: “the incident was safely contained”

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Earlier this month, with the one-year anniversary of the Sunrise Propane gas explosions fresh in their minds, Roncesvalles residents watched behind barriers as firefighters and construction crews rushed to repair a gas line rupture, damaged during the reconstruction. Many were curious to know how close they just came to being engulfed in giant fireball of death. The answer, according to … Read More

Construction? Festival!

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Roncesvalles is under construction, and we are working hard to earn your business. The RVBIA encourages our neighbours to continue to support business on Roncesvalles through this challenging time. Put your money where your house is—shop locally! GREAT NEWS! Everything is a go for the 2009 RONCESVALLES POLISH FESTIVAL, SEPTEMBER 19 AND 20, 2009. Read all about it here!