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JOIN US ON RONCESVALLES FOR HOLIDAY FUN! #RoncyReindeer CONTEST Starting November 17th through to the end of December, Spot, Snap & Share a photo of a reindeer from a Roncesvalles shop window or winter garden on social media with tag #RoncyReindeer for your chance to win a $100 Roncy gift certificate or one of two $25 gift certificates! Add tag #RoncyReindeer … Read More

Dziękuję (thank you) Roncesvalles Village!

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Did you get a selfie with our new #RoncySign? Share it to instagram with hashtag #RoncySign and we will add it to our Stories! Another busy Roncesvalles Polish Festival weekend is behind us! Thank you to all sponsors, staff, our event management co; Hypitch Marketing, volunteers, vendors, local shops and restaurants and especially those who attended!  We hope you enjoyed … Read More

Meet Abby Bushby

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RoncyWorks Green Team Profiles To mark Garden Days 2018, the Roncesvalles Village BIA is showcasing the dedicated community members who maintain our sidewalk gardens and beautify our vibrant street. Abby Bushby is the Chair the Friends of Dundas Roncesvalles Peace Garden organization and a volunteer gardener with Roncy Works. She maintains the Peace Garden located at the eastern corner of … Read More

Can lessons from the St. Clair streetcar project be applied here?

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The TTC has just published “Getting it Right: Lessons from the St. Clair Streetcar for the Implementation of Transit City,” written by Les Kelman and Richard Soberman. The report details the missteps that led to delays and cost overruns with the St. Clair transit project. The Globe and Mail sums up the report’s conclusions nicely: “The price tag of the … Read More

Stay awesome, Roncesvalles!

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More than a month after heavy machinery rolled onto Roncesvalles, our community seems to be taking the disruption in stride. While plenty of grumbles are heard in local coffee shops, the fact that these grumblings are actually taking place in the coffee shops suggests that the noise and rubble (and the occasional mental image of a giant fireball of death) are not … Read More

Public Realm to lead Roncesvalles redesign, hosting public meeting Sept. 21

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Councillor Gord Perks has announced that the City’s Public Realm Section is leading the detailed design phase of  the Roncesvalles Streetscape Improvement Project. The project leader will be Elyse Parker, the heavy-hitting director of the Public Realm Section, within the City’s Transportation Division. Ms. Parker’s appointment is fantastic news for Roncesvalles.  Before becoming director of Public Realm, she was Project … Read More

National Post: TTC to begin Downtown Relief Line study this fall

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Roncesvalles TTC riders may have a new subway option within the next decade. The National Post reports that the TTC will “seriously study” the long-proposed Downtown Relief Line (DRL) this fall. Under the proposal, the new subway line would likely begin at Dundas West station, travel underneath Roncesvalles/Dundas West towards Liberty Village. From there, it would travel east alongside Queen … Read More

Flushing Out the Truth: Roncesvalles needs a Living Sidewalk!

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Wastewater is the very definition of an unsexy subject, but the issue seems to be attracting more and more attention from environmental activists and regulators. The attention explains the urgent need for Roncesvalles Renewed’s proposed Living Sidewalk, which would transform Roncesvalles from a concrete funnel flushing stormwater down our combined sewers into a massive absorption pad, with healthy trees sucking … Read More

Public Meeting: Roncesvalles Construction Design – June 27 – CANCELLED

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Update: Gord Perks has confirmed that this meeting will be cancelled due to the strike. More info to come.   The latest preliminary streetscape concepts are available for viewing. The BIA urges all businesses and community members to examine the PDFs of the sidewalk plan (part one is the southern half, and part two is the north), and please let … Read More

Toronto Sun op-ed: Roncesvalles redo a victory for neighbourhoods

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On Friday, the Toronto Sun published an op-ed by John Bowker, chair of the BIA’s Beautification Committee and the BIA’s representative in Roncesvalles Renewed. The article celebrates the unity of our neighborhood, as we prepare for the 2009-10 reconstruction of Roncesvalles. It also criticizes efforts by suburban councillors to turn Roncesvalles into a busy highway for commuters from North York … Read More