City Council votes 34-5 to approve Roncesvalles streetscape proposal

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Today, Toronto City Council voted 34-5 to approve a staff report proposing numerous Roncesvalles streetscape improvements, including new public spaces and accessible transit stops. This report borrows many ideas from the BIA’s 2003 streetscape strategy, and was unanimously approved by the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee a few weeks earlier, following an extensive Environmental Assessment process. From here, the approved … Read More

Bombardier gets streetcar contract – “sweet ride” promised

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The TTC’s new fleet of streetcars will be longer and air-conditioned, with room for 260 people, bikes and two wheelchairs. Low floors will make the streetcars accessible for strollers, grocery carts and the disabled. And the 204 mini-trains will be assembled in Ontario, at the Bombardier plant in Thunder Bay, reports the Toronto Star today. Now the TTC just needs … Read More

Spacing Magazine examines “Grey Spaces”

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The latest issue of Spacing deals with issues of direct relevance to our soon-to-be-reconstructed street, and the BIA encourages everyone to pick up a copy. The topic is “Grey Spaces,” those areas that occupy a middle ground between completely private and completely public spaces, where different rules apply. Roncesvalles is such a space, where members of the public interact with … Read More

Roncesvalles EA open house materials available online

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Thanks to everyone who attended the open house on March 23. The meeting was part of the provincially-mandated Environmental Assessment process, whose main purpose is to report on the environmental impact of permanently keeping Roncesvalles a two-lane road. This is how Roncesvalles presently functions, except for weekday mornings, when west-side parking is prohibited and Roncesvalles becomes a three-lane road. Likely … Read More

What stormwater management is really about (Hint: rhymes with “spit”)

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Cities across the world have made stormwater management a top priority, encouraging green roofs, downspout disconnections and innovative drainage systems. In Toronto, the annual budget for stormwater management is $40 million. To a non-expert, this may all seem fine, but we often remain unclear on why stormwater management is so important. The fact is, we can’t name the real problem … Read More

Open House to present Roncesvalles streetscape improvements – March 23

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The City of Toronto has scheduled a second Open House to present its proposals for Roncesvalles streetscape improvements: Monday March 23, 2009 6:00pm – 9:00pm (presentation at 7:00 pm) Howard Jr Public School, 30 Marmaduke St. Via Councillor Gord Perks: Thank you to everyone who continues to stay engaged in this project. I know that it has been a while … Read More

BIA calls for greater local control over new federal infrastructure funding

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The Roncesvalles Living Sidewalk Project has received strong support from all three Residents’ Associations and the Roncesvalles Village BIA, and yet a substantial funding gap remains. The federal government has proposed to release new funds for infrastructure projects, of which our project certainly deserves priority: Our project would integrate Roncesvalles’ stormwater sewer with an innovative new tree planting system that would finally allow urban trees to … Read More

Messages From MP Gerard Kennedy and RVBIA Chair Tony Cauch

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From Gerard Kennedy’s press release: Today parliament will be debating an urgent opposition motion to release half of any new federal infrastructure funding from cost-sharing in order to create jobs in the most effective, fair and efficient fashion. Over the past three weeks, government reports and opposition research have confirmed that parliamentary direction is needed or new infrastructure funds will … Read More

Do you have lead water pipes? Replace them now!

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Many Roncesvalles property owners may unknowingly have lead water service pipes. These pipes are usually undersized, resulting in low water pressure. More importantly, lead exposure is harmful, especially to children and pregnant women. Likely beginning in July, the City will be replacing its lead water service mains during the reconstruction of Roncesvalles. The City says this water main replacement period … Read More

Roncesvalles reconstruction now extended to 15 months +

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Councillor Gord Perks has informed us that City staff now plan to repair the sanitary sewers during the 2009-10 reconstruction of Roncesvalles. For those keeping track, that now makes four major projects that will be part of the repair: 1) the sewers, 2) the lead water main replacements, 3) the sidewalks and 4) the TTC streetcar tracks. Obviously, it is … Read More